Brockwell Incorporated is a full-line column company, as we
offer a limitless selection of column designs within the 5 Orders of
Classical Architecture – Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian & Composite.

AND - we have the ability to produce your columns in a wide variety of 

materials, such as fiberglass, composites, several wood species, and PVC.

Are your columns meant to be structural? Or simply decorative?
Either way, we can provide you with the appropriate columns to suit 
your project's overall purpose, whether Residential or Commercial.  

Because of our company's internal capabilities, we have top tier,
unmatched resources for producing Custom Columns that are made
to your exact, overall specified dimensions.

We will constantly be adding product pictures to the column section
of our web site for references.  Please feel free to get in touch with
a knowledgeable Brockwell Sales Consultant to request a column
estimate, submit your custom plans, or to discuss your column project.
We are more than happy to assist in creating superior products that
you envision within your project.

PHONE:  980-282-8383