Brockwell Incorporated provides the most intricately-detailed column
capitals in the building industry in a wide selection of materials,
sizes, and styles that will add beauty and value to your project.

Browse our capital search options, below, to find the capital design
that matches your project's overall goal.  Our capitals are authentically
accurate – mimicking the accuracies of the ancient Greeks & Romans.
We offer capitals in all (5) of the Classical Orders of Architecture:
Tuscan, Roman Doric, Ionic, Corinthian & Composite.

You'll notice our wide selection of column capitals that serve distinct
purposes.  Whether you're in search of decorative capitals that wrap
around the column shaft or structural capitals that sit on top of the
column shaft – we have the designs you're looking for.

We have the ability to produce column capitals in several different
materials, such as Fiberglass, Plaster, Fiberglass Composite,
Stain-Grade Wood, and our lightweight, highly-dense Polyurethane.

Also, if you don't see the sizes with our capitals that match the dimensions
on your drawings or plans, please get in touch with a Brockwell Sales
Consultant to discuss your project.  We have the capability to create
Custom Capitals to match your exact specifications.

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