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Please review your Shopping Cart to make sure you are ordering everything you need for your project.

1.)  Click the "Checkout" button to begin your online checkout.

2.)  Follow the instructions on each checkout page and click the "Next" button.

3.)  Review your order.

4.)  Click "Place Order."

Once your online order is placed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all of your order details on it.


In order to process your column order, we need the following information:

1.)  The column diameter / width at the base of the column shaft.

2.)  The overall height of the column(s) - which includes the column shaft, the capital & the base.

3.)  The column design.  Is it plain, fluted - tapered, non-tapered?  Are they Tuscan, Doric, Corinthian, Ionic, Composite, etc.?

4.)  The column style / material.  Are your columns architectural wood, fiberglass, composite, etc.?

5.)  Are your columns for interior or exterior applications?  Are they paint-grade or stain-grade?

6.)  Quantity.  How many columns do you need for your project?

Once a Brockwell Sales Consultant gets all of the pertinent information from you for your columns, we will provide you with a formal estimate with all of your column details – as well as – shipping costs to you for your approval.  After you review the estimate we provide and are ready to order, we will need you to sign and return your estimate to us.  We will also need to receive your method of payment.


Any product on our website that does not have a price listed on its product page means it requires a quote to be generated.  Click the "Request A Quote" button to fill out the appropriate information.  OR, feel free to call a Brockwell Sales Consultant to discuss which product you are interested in purchasing.  Every product on our website has an Item #.  Reference the product's Item #, and one of our sales consultants will discuss the details that you would like for your product.  



     ◾  Do you offer terms?
Please review our Terms Page.  In short, on all orders less than $5,000 full payment is required at the placement of the order.  On orders over $5,000, half of the total must be prepaid, and the balance is due before shipment unless prior arrangements have been made.

We do not have accounts or offer any credit.


Yes.  Take a look at our Planning Worksheet to help guide you in selecting the columns you want.


We will assist you as much as possible with the selection of your products.  At this time, we do not, unfortunately, design products from scratch for your project.  You will need to hire a professional designer for your project if you would like to create products from scratch.  We will, however, be more than happy to recommend specific products that we currently offer to you that will reflect your project's style.


This is a great question.  If you are uncertain whether the products you are ordering are correct, we recommend that you either ask your contractor or feel free to contact an experienced Brockwell Sales Consultant to discuss the accuracy of the products you would like.  We pride ourselves in possessing the knowledge of classical, architectural products that we are more than happy to pass along to you for your project.  Ultimately, we will provide you with whatever products you select, but our team of sales consultants is here to help avoid common mistakes that can be made when trying to convey a specific architectural style.

E-mail us at OR Call us at 980-282-8383.


Yes.  100% secure and protected.  When you order online, all of your information (including your credit card information) is invisible to any other parties other than the cardholder and Brockwell Incorporated.  Under no circumstance will we authorize an unapproved charge.  By placing an order online, you authorize Brockwell Incorporated to charge your debit/credit card for the amount shown on the order.

We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy.


Yes, we do.  Please tell us what company you are with, and we would be happy to extend a trade discount to you – which will be reflected on the formal estimate we provide you.

For online product prices:  the price you see is already discounted (for all of our customers).  This is to encourage our clients to proceed with ordering online.  If you request a formal estimate for products that already have pricing online, the "per-product" price will increase.

** Also, we would be more than happy to extend an additional discount for our online products that show pricing when you order "In Bulk."  If you plan on ordering large quantities of a specific online product, please get in touch with a Brockwell Sales Consultant so that we may adjust your pricing.


Here's a breakdown of what happens when you place your order online:

1.)  You click the "Place Order" button on your online checkout.

2.)  We are notified that we have received a New Order.  You will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation that your online order has been placed, which will include a specific Order Number for this purchase.

3.)  Your debit/credit card will be charged for the total amount.

4.)  Once your payment successfully processes, you will receive another e-mail – for your records – with the subject line, "Payment Received."

5.)  At this point, we will send your order to our production team to begin making/packing your product(s).

6.)  When your order is ready for shipment, you will receive another e-mail from us that includes your shipment's Tracking Number, so that you may follow your shipment, in transit, online.  

Please Note:  you may receive multiple packages from us if ordering several, different products.  Some products may be completed before others, and we will ship you your products as soon as they are made and packaged.

While your packages are in transit, please read the section under "Product Arrival" on our Shipping Instructions to understand what should be done upon receipt of your product(s).

7.)  Upon receipt of your package(s), please inspect all boxes and/or crates for any potential damage during transit.  If there is visible damage, please note this on the Bill of Lading before signing it.  Often times, standard ground carriers like FedEx and UPS will leave packages on your doorstep or designated area without a required signature.  In the case that you discover concealed damage, please contact a Brockwell Sales Consultant immediately.


Here's a breakdown of what happens when you place your order with a Brockwell Sales Consultant:

1.)  You return the signed portion of the formal estimate we provided you to one of our sales consultants.

2.)  If you are paying by debit/credit card, we will provide you with a credit card authorization form – which we will also provide to you.  Once you fill this out with your card information and signature and return it back to us, we will charge your card for the amount listed on this form.

If you are paying by a mailed check, we will wait until we receive your check before submitting your order to our production team.

3.)  Once we receive your payment, we will process it and then submit your order to our production team.

4.)  After our production team has completed the finishing steps of your products, they will be ready for packaging/crating.  If your order qualified for only a deposit to be made, we will require the balance to be paid before we ready your products for shipment.  If your products were paid in full at the time of your order, our production team will immediately ready your products for shipment.

5.)  Our shipping department will then notify us with your shipping information, including your Tracking Number(s).  We will then send you a detailed e-mail with your Tracking Number(s) along with important Shipping Information for you to read while your products are in transit.

6.)  Upon receipt of your shipment, please inspect all boxes and/or crates for any potential damage during transit.  If there is visible damage, please note this on the Bill of Lading before signing it.  By signing off on the Bill of Lading, you are agreeing that you have received the correct products – all of which are in good condition.

IMPORTANT:  You must have a sufficient method to offload your products from the truck.  This includes sufficient manpower, and – in some cases – proper machinery, such as a forklift.  The delivery driver is not required to assist in offloading your products.

In the case that you discover concealed damage, please contact a Brockwell Sales Consultant immediately.


The reason we have Minimum Order Quantities for some of our products is due to both the cost and the amount of time it takes to create (1) product or (100) products that are the same.  i.e. - (1) animal Compo accent vs. (100) animal Compo accents.  The Minimum Order Quantities are designated for some of our product lines to achieve a $170 minimum order value.  With respect to the amount of time it takes, the utensils needed, and the overall manpower required to create specific product lines, we believe this is a fair compromise.

With this said, you do have the ability to mix and match products from their corresponding product lines to reduce the quantity for each product design, just so long as you still meet our $170 minimum order value.  If you'd like to mix and match specific products or have further questions, please get in touch with a Brockwell Sales Consultant at  |  980-282-8383


For Signed Purchase Orders:  Before you return your signed purchase order, you must make any and all changes.  We highly recommend inspecting the details of your invoice thoroughly before signing off on it and returning it back to Brockwell Incorporated.  The ability to change your order depends on whether or not your order has been started and/or materials have been ordered for your project.  This may require additional payments.  After shipment, orders cannot be changed.

For Online Orders:  Changes / updates to your order cannot be made after our production team has started making your order.