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In order for us to provide complete pricing for your columns, we need the following information:

1.)  The column diameter / width at the base of the column shaft.

2.)  The overall height of the column(s) - which includes the column shaft, the capital & the base.

3.)  The column design.  Is it plain, fluted - tapered, non-tapered?  Are they Tuscan, Doric, Corinthian, Ionic, Composite, etc.?

4.)  The column style / material.  Are your columns architectural wood, fiberglass, composite, etc.?

5.)  Are your columns for interior or exterior applications?  Are they paint-grade or stain-grade?

6.)  Quantity.  How many columns do you need for your project?

7.)  The shipping zip code.  This allows us to generate accurate freight costs.

Once a Brockwell Sales Consultant gets all of the pertinent information from you for your columns, we will provide you with a formal estimate with all of your column details – as well as – shipping costs to you for your approval.


Any product on our website that does not have a price listed on its product page means it requires a quote to be generated.  Click the "Request A Quote" button to fill out the appropriate information.  OR, feel free to call a Brockwell Sales Consultant to discuss which products you would like to receive pricing on.  Every product on our website has an Item #.  Reference the product's Item #, and one of our sales consultants will discuss the details that you would like for your product.  



The pricing we provide you is good for thirty (30) days from the day we provide it to you.  After thirty (30) days, we may require a new estimate to be generated.


Please submit a detailed request to a Brockwell Sales Consultant via e-mail at  Or please call 980-282-8383.  If you have plans/drawings, please e-mail them to the above address along with the detailed, pertinent information about your project.


The reason we have Minimum Order Quantities for some of our products is due to both the cost and the amount of time it takes to create (1) product or (100) products that are the same.  i.e. - (1) animal Compo accent vs. (100) animal Compo accents.  The Minimum Order Quantities are designated for some of our product lines to achieve a $170 minimum order value.  With respect to the amount of time it takes, the utensils needed, and the overall manpower required to create specific product lines, we believe this is a fair compromise.

With this said, you do have the ability to mix and match products from their corresponding product lines to reduce the quantity for each product design, just so long as you still meet our $170 minimum order value.  If you'd like to mix and match specific products or have further questions, please get in touch with a Brockwell Sales Consultant at  |  980-282-8383


In some cases, yes, and in some cases, no.  It really depends on the project.  We certainly enjoy being able to price match, as we believe our company's focus on providing the best customer satisfaction is both the key and the measure of establishing lifelong partnerships.

We also take pride in the fact that we offer beautiful, unique products.  There will be instances when Brockwell does not offer the cheapest products – but we look at this from a perspective that your project demands products that are not cheap.

We do encourage you to contact a Brockwell Sales Consultant to discuss price-matching possibilities.


We believe that ordering Brockwell columns is a good investment.  In general, columns are not inexpensive – but we do offer a wide range of column qualities to suit both your project's goal and your project's budget.

Having columns on your home or on your building immediately adds a sense of sophistication and splendor.


Yes, we do.  Please tell us what company you are with, and we would be happy to extend a trade discount to you – which will be reflected on the formal estimate we provide you.

For online product prices:  the price you see is already discounted (for all of our customers).  This is to encourage our clients to proceed with ordering online.  If you request a formal estimate for products that already have pricing online, the "per-product" price will increase.

** Also, we would be more than happy to extend an additional discount for our online products that show pricing when you order "In Bulk."  If you plan on ordering large quantities of a specific online product, please get in touch with a Brockwell Sales Consultant so that we may adjust your pricing.


We are able to keep our column prices lower because of our tight oversight on manufacturing, as well as, because of the high volume in which we operate.  Both of these reasons are why we are thrilled to pass the savings on to you!

Also, companies that offer credit must cover any potential monetary losses, but since Brockwell Incorporated does not offer credit – we don't have to increase our selling cost.


     ◾  Do you offer credit?
No, we do not offer credit.  We have found that when we require either a deposit or full payment of an order, it allows us to solely  focus on every required step of manufacturing the best product for your project.  We believe that if we have to focus on collecting money, it will only detract from our meticulous process we implement for providing you with top-tier products and service.


Yes.  Whether we provide you with a formal estimate or if you order your products online, you will always know what your freight/shipping charges will be.  We calculate the shipping costs based your Shipping Zip Code.

For online orders, you will receive real-time shipping rates when you enter your zip code.


Comparably speaking, yes.  In other words, if we compare the costs of columns that are the same size in both wood and in fiberglass composite – the wood column will cost more.  Now, this excludes any custom column sizes – in either material.  The column cost is also dependent on the size.  It wouldn't be accurate to say that a 10" x 8' wood column will cost more than a 22" x 20' fiberglass column.

The cost is also dependent on if either of the materials have a decorative component to it, such as a Roman Corinthian capital and an Ionic (Attic) base molding & plinth.

Also, some wood species are more expensive than others and vice versa.


We encourage you to shop around.  For comparable products, we will not be undersold.

Overall, we want you to receive the products that best suit your project.  We encourage you to shop around before you begin your project to see which company you'd like to use.  Our expertise and our assistance is always free of charge to Brockwell Customers.

In order for Brockwell to remain as one of the top competitors in this industry, we regularly monitor prices all over the United States.