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Lead times will vary.  Shipping timeframes for each of our product lines are dependent on a few factors.  A few example factors include:

1.)  Quantity of the products.
       i.e.  It will take longer to make (300) Compo rosettes than it would take to make (30).  This concept applies to all of our products.

2.)  Custom nature of the products you order.
       i.e.  Are the products you order consistent with standard sizing that we offer, or do you have custom dimensions for your products?

3.)  Material selection.
       i.e.  The lead time will increase for wood columns, compared to the lead time for fiberglass composite columns.

4.)  Size of the product(s).
       i.e.  Our larger products will take more time to produce than our smaller products.

5.)  Your shipping location in relation to where our facilities are located.
       i.e.  We have several production facilities, nationwide – but the lead time may be longer due to a product traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast and vice versa.

* There may be additional factors that contribute to either a longer lead time and even a shorter lead time.

**  One of our sales consultants will always provide you with an estimated lead time before you place your order.

If placing an order online and are unsure of the lead time, please contact a Brockwell Sales Consultant, and we would be more than happy to inform you of our current lead time for each product.


We use a variety of shipping methods, because one of our goals is for you to receive the highest level of shipping service at the lowest cost possible.  For standard ground shipments, we utilize the services of both FedEx Ground & UPS Ground.  For products that must be shipped "LTL" (Less Than [Truck] Load), we utilize freight carriers such as:

 ABF, YRC, RoadRunner, Estes, SAIA, R&L, Old Dominion, FedEx Freight, and UPS Freight to name a few.


When your product(s) ship, a Brockwell Sales Consultant will e-mail you with all of your pertinent shipping information for this order, which includes your tracking number.  Once you are informed of your tracking number, you will be able to visit that carrier's website and track your order, in transit, online.

If you cannot find your tracking number, please get in touch with us, and we would be more than happy to look it up for you.


Absolutely.  As soon as our sales team is notified by our production team that your products have shipped, we will – in turn – notify you.


We don't suggest always counting on that.  There have been occasions when a specific driver will assist you with small packages, but for larger packages/crates – YOU are responsible for arranging the appropriate help for offloading your products.  Even for smaller packages, it's never a bad idea to have additional help that you don't end up needing – rather than needing help but having no crew around to assist you.

Typically, a truck driver's only responsibilty is to move your products to the back of the truck.

For large products, a forklift may be necessary.


Yes.  Brockwell is a global company.  If you live outside of the United States, we highly recommend contacting one of our sales consultants to speak about generating an accurate quote for shipping your products overseas.  Depending on where you live, there may be customs paperwork that we must further complete in order for your products to cross the borders of the United States.


Your shipping costs depend on all the products you are ordering.  It would be inaccurate if we could provide you with a general shipping cost for EVERY project.

For Online Orders:  When you Checkout online, your shipping costs are automatically generated when you enter your Shipping Zip Code.  You will be able to see your shipping cost immediately for the products that are in your online Shopping Cart.


Determining Shipping Costs for Formal Estimates:  We determine the shipping cost based on the total weight of the products you are purchasing.  For LTL shipments, we will determine what type of delivery you have (Residential or Commercial), then calculate the total weight of all your products, and then finally, type in your Shipping Zip Code into our system.  Our system, based on those factors, will generate a real-time shipping rate from several different freight carriers.

Determining Shipping Costs for Online Orders:  We have set up an account with FedEx Ground.  They have a formulaic method to determining accurate, current shipping costs based on the weight of the products.  FedEx Ground views the product weight in two (2) ways.

1.)  Actual Weight.  (How many pounds/ounces does the product weigh?) 
       i.e.  Packages that are under 150 lbs are able to be shipped via FedEx Ground.


2.)  Dimensional Weight.  (How wide, long, deep, etc. are the packages?)
       i.e.  The maximum package size is 108 inches in length and 165 inches in length and girth.

FedEx will apply shipping costs to whichever above method is "more dominant."  If your products do not adhere to both of the above methods, your products will have to ship LTL (Less Than [Truck] Load)

If you have any additional questions, we're always more than happy to assist you.


It depends on these factors:

1.)  If all of your packages weigh less than 150 lbs and are less than 108 inches in length and 165 inches in length and girth – then your products are able to be shipped by either FedEx Ground or UPS Ground.

2.)  If all of your packages weigh more than 150 lbs and are more than 108 inches in length and 165 inches in length and girth – then your products will be shipped LTL through one of our freight carriers.

We will be sure to notify you of the shipping method, so that you are able to track your shipment online.


For LTL Shipments:  Once your order has shipped, the freight carrier should contact you via phone about arranging/scheduling your delivery.  Occasionally, separate shipments are necessary when ordering multiple types of our product lines.


For LTL Shipments:  The freight company will notify you about delivery upon request.  This is typically a $25 fee.  Once your order has shipped, we will notify you with the tracking information as well as the carrier's contact information.


Yes, if you choose this method of delivery, please notify a Brockwell Sales Consultant before signing our formal estimate.

If Brockwell has not received the balance of your order within a reasonable time of when your order is ready to ship, we reserve the right to ship your products C.O.D.  In this case, you will lose any freight discounts that were initially applied.  We require a certified check of the balance at the time of delivery.  For C.O.D. shipments, the freight carrier may charge an additional fee, and you agree to pay this directly to the freight carrier.


Upon delivery, please inspect ALL the goods – thoroughly – to make sure there is no damage to your products before signing the bill of lading.  If you do notice damage, please note it on the bill of lading and contact a Brockwell Incorporated representative immediately at 980-282-8383.  Any and all concealed damage must be noted on the bill of lading and then reported to Brockwell within 48 hours of delivery.

You should immediately dry-fit all component products.


If you have received products that do not fit each other, please contact a Brockwell sales consultant before beginning the installation process.

Brockwell Incorporated will not be responsible for any losses related to jobsite necessities.


If you do not receive the same number of boxes that are noted on the freight bill, please note the number of missing boxes on the freight bill.  Please then contact a Brockwell consultant so that we can quickly send out the missing items to you.  You must note that there are missing boxes on the freight bill, or the freight company will not be held liable for any replacement costs.

Brockwell Incorporated is not liable for any lost freight during shipment.

If your packages were delivered via either FedEx Ground or UPS Ground – and were left at your doorstep – please contact a Brockwell Sales Consultant immediatly upon the discovery of a missing product.


For visible damage, refuse the portion of the shipment that is damaged and write this on the bill of lading:

"Damaged goods in shipment - Return to Sender."

Note the number of damaged boxes or products, then please notify a Brockwell consultant.

Brockwell Incorporated is not liable for any damaged freight during shipment.  Once the bill of lading is signed that there is no damage, this means that you have accepted the merchandise and Brockwell will not be able to file a claim against the freight carrier.

If your packages were delivered via either FedEx Ground or UPS Ground – and were left at your doorstep – please contact a Brockwell Sales Consultant immediatly upon the discovery of a damaged product.

If you have a smart phone, please snap a few photos of your damaged product, and e-mail them to us at  This will assist us with providing proof of damage to the delivery company.


Please immediately contact the freight carrier and ask them to send out an Inspector to inspect the damage.  You may file a claim to either replace or repair the damaged products.


You will have (15) days to file a claim, and the sooner you file a claim – the smoother the process will be.


In short, you should only sign the Bill of Lading after you have examined all your products to make sure that they are:

1.)  The correct products.

2.)  Your products are not damaged.

When you provide a signature on the Bill of Lading, you are confirming that the two conditions, above, are true.


First and foremost, our goal is to be able to accommodate your project timeline.  We excel in creating columns with the highest level of craftsmanship and product quality, and any time we create a product from the beginning – it will take some time.  Because we strive to provide you with perfect products, we expect all of our manufacting procedures to operate with utmost care and attention.  The wait will be well worth it when you see the high-quality of our products.

Lead times will vary, depending on the custom nature of your project.  Factors that determine the lead times may include:  quantity, material, size, functionality and more.  We recommend speaking with a Brockwell Sales Consultant to receive a more accurate production timeframe for your project.