On all orders less than $5,000 full payment is required at the placement of the order.  On orders over $5,000 half of the total must be prepaid, and the balance is due before shipment unless prior arrangements have been made.



If paying by a credit card, we may require you to sign a credit card authorization form at the time of your order.  By signing the credit card authorization form, you grant us the ability to charge your credit card at the time of the order. Credit card charges may be delayed at our discretion.  The name on the credit card must match the name on the invoice, or we must obtain a written consent to charge the card from the cardholder.



For orders shipping Common Carrier, you are required to unload all products.  This includes having the appropriate off-loading manpower or machinery.  Depending on the size of your order, you may need a fork lift or other machinery to off-load your products.  If you are unable to accept the delivery, you remain liable for any storage fees, re-shipment fees, or any other fees incurred in correlation with your order.  You will be charged directly from the freight company.  Upon delivery, please inspect the goods – thoroughly – to make sure there is no damage to your products before signing the bill of lading.  If you do notice damage, please note it on the bill of lading and contact a Brockwell Incorporated representative immediately at 980-282-8383.  Any and all concealed damage must be noted on the bill of lading and then reported to Brockwell within 48 hours of delivery.



If Brockwell has not received the balance of your order within a reasonable time of when your order is ready to ship, we reserve the right to ship your products C.O.D.  In this case, you will lose any freight discounts that were initially applied.  We require a certified check of the balance at the time of delivery.  For C.O.D. shipments, the freight carrier may charge an additional fee, and you agree to pay this directly to the freight carrier.



Brockwell Incorporated makes every effort to ship your order in the estimated lead times provided.  In the event that your estimated lead time is not met due to damage or manufacturing times, Brockwell is not liable for any damage or loss of revenue or profits in conjunction with the order.


If your check or credit card charge is returned to us unpaid, you agree to pay us a $25 service fee plus any cost to us for collection of the balance and or bank fees.  After you sign the invoice, you remain responsible for full payment of the order.  In the event that you or your customer receives your products before 100% of the payment has been made, Brockwell reserves the right to seek full payment, legally, as the purchase order serves as an agreement of full payment to Brockwell Incorporated.



Before you return your signed purchase order, you must make any and all changes.  We highly recommend inspecting the details of your invoice thoroughly before signing off on it and returning it back to Brockwell Incorporated.  Orders cannot be changed or cancelled without a charge after your invoice is returned to us.  Cancellation charges may vary depending on whether or not your order has been started and/or materials have been ordered for your project.  This may require full payment.  After shipment, orders cannot be changed or cancelled.


Brockwell Incorporated reserves the right to cancel your order at any time.  If for some reason we must cancel your order, you will be notified, and if we initiate the cancellation – you will not be charged any fees.



Many of our products are considered to be “Made to Order,” signifying a custom product.  These products are non-returnable and non-refundable.  Upon delivery of your product(s), please inspect them thoroughly for any damage.  In the case of damage, visible or concealed, please note this on the freight paperwork before signing it.  If the product is damaged, please write on the paperwork, “Damaged – Return to Sender” and notify us within 48 hours of discovery.  We reserve the right to void any fees if there is failure to contact us within the above timeframe.  Do not return the product until we pre-approve the return, unless you are refusing damaged shipment.


For our products that are Stock and are returnable, we charge a 25% re-stocking fee for any other reasons than damage or product defect.  Please do not automatically return your products.  We will first issue you a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number that you will need to include on your return.  All products must be returned in their original packaging and received in good/re-stockable condition.  You are responsible for all return freight/shipping charges.  Once our production has deemed your returned products to be in re-salable condition, we will issue you a refund.  Custom or altered products are non-returnable and non-refundable.




Thank you again for working with Brockwell Incorporated.  We appreciate being a part of your project, and we wish you the utmost success in your projects.  If you have any questions about our above Terms & Policies, please contact a Brockwell representative before you place your order, and we would be happy to discuss any and all questions you may have.