Arch (Radius Top) Board and Batten Shutters - [Classic Collection]


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 * AVAILABLE WIDTHS:  9" - 24"
 * AVAILABLE HEIGHTS:  13-1/2" - 84"
   THICKNESS:  1" -- (Batten is 1/2'')
   BATTEN WIDTH:  1-1/2'' Less than shutter width
   BOARD WIDTH:  Grooves are cut approximately every 4''

Available in 1/8" increments. i.e:  12-1/8" Width / Height, etc.

First, shutters within our Classic Collection are both machine and hand-sanded.  We then hand-assemble them using tongue-and-groove joinery methods, which is the technique that has -- for a long time -- been utilized by expert craftsmen.  These shutters are Decorative and should be installed using the Fixed Mounting method, and . . . they are low-maintenance and do not require any upkeep.

  RAILS:  Proprietary Exterior Grade Composite Wood
  PANELS:  Proprietary Exterior Grade Composite Wood
  STILES:  Proprietary Exterior Grade Composite Wood
  PRIMER:  Marine Grade
  FINISH:  Industrial grade two-part urethane.  (31) available standard paint colors.  Custom colors are available.
  MAKE-UP:  The composite make-up of our Classic Shutters is the result of mixing phenolic resins, zinc borate & steam-injected wood -- with the end product being one that is durable, weather-resistant, and sleek-in-design.  Overall, wood makes up 90% of the composite material.

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  -  Shutters in our Classic Collection should be installed in a fixed application in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations, with NO nailing or screwing through the face of the shutter.
  HARDWARE MATERIAL:  Clear polycarbonate fixed mounting brackets.

  • Customized look and function
  • Conserves historical accuracy by having the vertical grooves spaced approximately every (4) inches
  • Complements homes that possess a rustic & distinguished style
  • Ability to withstand the elements
  • Offers traditional & historic design features to your project
  • Ease of of Fixed Mounting Installation
  • Hand-assembled to match your specifications
  • Our shutters will enhance the beauty of your exterior and add worth to your home or building
  • Proprietary materials used for both strength & exterior durability
  • Color matching to reflect your style
  • Great for both residential & commercial projects
  • Made in the United States  




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