B R O C K W E L L .  S H O P  W E L L .TM






Ecommerce has shaped how buyers of architectural products think and
what they expect out of both products and the companies that
make them.  So, what does it mean to Shop Well with Brockwell?

Brockwell is always about pushing the envelope when it comes to
providing our customers with the best possible ordering experience. 
It's not every day that you order classical, architectural products.

And the purchasing experience in this industry is not the same as say
. . buying a shirt online, then receiving it, and realizing that it
wasn't exactly what you had in mind, and then returning it.  No -
it's the details, the specifics that are critical to help ensure that the
products you receive, are the products that you need . . .
especially if this is an area that you may not be as familiar in.

That's why when you Shop Well, it means having a comfort in knowing
that there's a company, such as Brockwell, in this industry that
genuinely has your best interest at heart.

We don't try to Sell you.
We try to Educate you.


Shopping Well means not settling for the cheap alternative.  It means,
appreciating fine classical detail and craftsmanship.  Shopping Well
means understanding that the products you immerse yourself in,
reflect the message behind your project.


We're constantly looking for ways to improve the online shopping
experience for our customers.  It can be daunting sometimes,
ordering products online that you cannot first touch or analyze. 
Brockwell Incorporated's ECommerce site, ColumnsDirect.com is
designed to help customers Shop Well, by giving them a comfort -
a sense of assurance that they made the right decision.


Shopping Well means having transparency.  We tell it like it is -
and our associates give you facts.  We're very familiar with products
from other companies in this industry, which is why we can
confidently say . . . Not every product that is described as
"Classical" or "The Best" is, in fact, either of those.  Our style is direct
because any other method is a disservice to you.

Brockwell. Shop Well.