Composite Order (Italian Renaissance Venice) - ROUND Capital - [Plaster Material]

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Capital sits on top of column shaft & adds height
/   NON Load-bearing   /

6-1/2" 8-3/8" 10-7/8" PDF
9" 11-5/8" 14-7/8" PDF
10" 12-7/8" 16-3/4" PDF
11" 14-1/4" 18-3/4" PDF
12" 15-1/2" 20-1/4" PDF

 DIAMETER = where cap meets column shaft


Brockwell's decorative plaster capitals are carefully hand cast with architectural authenticity in mind.  We first partially fill our molds with premium level plaster, leaving a little room for water, as well as, our natural hemp fiber.  Our hemp fibers consist of shredded ship rope, which intrinsically binds the plaster form together.  An additional layer of plaster coats the hemp fibers - essentially encapsulating the binding agents.  The result is a strong, durable, clean, crisp, classically-correct capital design - which you wouldn't receive with other industry stock decorative capitals.

Our decorative plaster capitals are lighter in weight than most other companies' plaster capitals, and they have the necessary strength to drill or cut in to - without compromising their high level of detail.

Designs are available in the Classical Orders of Architecture, as well as, several Specialty styles.

Brockwell capitals are an investment into the high quality value that you place on your residential or commercial project.  Our aim is to provide you with both a top-level product & experience, both of which contribute to that self-satisfied feeling you get when you know your project looks nice.

  • Architecturally correct designs
  • Proprietary capital designs
  • Adds classical value to your project
  • Créme de la créme for industry detail
  • Ability to create custom capital shapes
  • Made with Natural Hemp Fiber
  • Great cost alternative to wood capitals
  • Plaster can be cut, drilled into & glued
  • All plaster capitals are paint-grade
  • Meets ALL fire codes
  • For residential & commercial projects
  • Made with 100% natural materials  Made with 100% Natural Materials - Brockwell Incorporated
  • Made in the United States  
  • We ship worldwide  Brockwell Incorporated ships worldwide!




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