Rabbeted Edge Open Louver Shutters - [Architectural Collection]



 * AVAILABLE WIDTHS:  9" - 30"
 * AVAILABLE HEIGHTS:  13-1/2" - 108"
   THICKNESS:  1-1/4"
   TOP RAIL:  Standard 4"
   MIDDLE RAIL:  Standard 3-3/8"
   BOTTOM RAIL:  Standard 4" (may vary)

Available in 1/8" increments. i.e:  12-1/8" Width, etc.
* All dimensions are nominal.

Shutters within the Architectural Collection & Bahama Shutters are hand-cut and hand-assembled in order to meet your exact shutter specifications.  We use modern materials with a proven technique of mortise and tenon joinery, in order to provide the strongest structural joint.  These shutters have fully-functional capabilities, and . . . they are low-maintenance and do not require any upkeep.

  RAILS:  Structural PVC with smooth outer skin
  PANELS:  N / A
  LOUVERS:  Pultruded Structural Fiberglass
  STILES:  Pultruded Structural Fiberglass
  PRIMER:  The entire product is primed
  FINISH:  Industrial grade two-part urethane, oven cured finish.  (31) available standard paint colors.  Custom colors available.

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  -  Shutters from 12" to 48" in height, require the use of (2) hinges.
  -  Shutters from 49" to 96" in height, require the use of (3) hinges.
  -  Shutters over 96" in height, require the use of (4) hinges.
  HARDWARE MATERIAL:  Black powder-coated stainless steel.  All other brads & fasteners are also stainless steel.  Bahama Shutters have Aluminum mill or anodized aluminum black finish arms.  Hinges are aluminum with factory-applied two-part acrylic urethane finish.

  • Customized look and function
  • Ability to withstand the elements
  • Offers traditional & historic design features to your project
  • Functional & decorative applications
  • Variety of shutter hardware options
  • Hand-assembled to match your specifications
  • Proprietary materials used for both strength & exterior durability
  • Shutters can be primed upon request
  • Color matching to reflect your style
  • Our shutters will enhance the beauty of your exterior
  • Great for both residential & commercial projects
  • Made in the United States  

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