Brockwell Incorporated - Our Company Values

Our company vision is to be the preferred company for purchasing premium classically-inspired residential & commercial products, while offering customers an unfiltered, transparent, genuine, and user-friendly ordering experience.  We aspire to help make the world a more beautiful place.

Brockwell Incorporated is a young company, which is one of the greatest advantages we have to achieving our vision.  THINK ABOUT IT LIKE THIS:  There are many young, up-and-coming architects, designers, and builders in this industry - many of whom have never known a world without advanced technology - but what about the young, up-and-coming companies that can best relate and accommodate to their classical product expectations of today?

That's how Brockwell Incorporated can help.  We've got the resources to help fulfill the designs that classicists seek, and we'll be around for decades more because this company was founded from hard work and with a respect & appreciation for Classical Architecture in the modern world.

We operate with a direct and transparent communication style in every aspect of business because this model is the most beneficial to the customer.  Our company has done its industry homework.  As such, we're bringing back the old school method of customer service where the customers are actually adequately helped, and fusing it with 21st century techniques for commerce, such as a user-friendly online store and helpful industry web resources.  We don't just sell you products - We sell you the products that work for your project.

Manufacturers have an obligation to be capable of adequately conversing in industry vernacular with the nation's and world's elite architects, designers, and contractors.  Anything to the contrary is a disservice.  And for those customers who may not be as familiar with classical terminology (see our Glossary), then companies should find this as an opportunity to gain a customer by helping them understand more about material, authenticity, sizing - to name a few - rather than subjectively selling just to make a buck.

With that said, our company is run with the mindset of, 'If we don't know the answer to one of your questions. . . we see a kind of chivalry in saying, "I'm not quite sure about that" - but it must be followed up with a, "But here's what I can do to find that out for you."  Then, find it out.

Brockwell Incorporated is ready to work with and for you.  And with great customers like you, there is no doubt that we are on our way to achieving our company's ultimate vision.