Ionic Order (Roman) - Empire w/ Necking - ROUND Column Capital - [Cast Resin Material]

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Capital sits on top of column shaft & adds height
/   load-bearing   /

(Split / Cut capitals are NON Load-bearing)

4" 2-1/2'' 5" 7-1/2" 6-3/4"
5" 3-1/2'' 6-7/8" 9" 8-3/4"
6-1/2" 4-1/2'' 7-3/4" 10" 9"
8-1/2" 6'' 10-1/4" 13-1/2" 12-1/4"
10-1/4" 8'' 11" 18" 17"
12" 10'' 14-1/4" 20-1/2" 19-1/2"
14" 11'' 17" 23" 19-1/2"
16" 14'' 15" 32" 26-1/4"
18" 15'' 17-1/4" 34" 28"
20-1/2" 17-1/2'' 19" 35-1/2" 35"

 OUT. DIAMETER = where cap meets column shaft

 Read Brockwell Incorporated's Installation Instructions & Tips Read Brockwell Incorporated's Product Warranty Information


Plan Shape A - Full RoundPlan Shape B - 3/4 Corner RoundPlan Shape C - 2/3 RoundPlan Shape D - Half RoundPlan Shape K - 3/4 RoundPlan Shape S - Split for Reassembly

Brockwell Incorporated specializes in producing decorative capitals that feature premium detail with a concentration on exhibiting historical value.  Our cast resin capitals are made with a polyester resin that hardens upon its mixture with our lightweight filler.  This process results in a product that is perfect for exterior applications due to its ability to withstand moisture, insects, and natural weathering.  It's a long-lasting solution when plaster is not what you are in search of for your current project.

We offer cast resin capital designs in the Classical Orders of Architecture, including the Doric Order, Ionic Order, Corinthian Order, and the Composite Order.  Above, you will see the available cut shapes that are available for this design.  In the cast resin section of our website, we offer both round & square shape variations in quite a bit of sizes in order to be able to accommodate to your project's requirements.

Simply select both the capital size and the capital shape from the drop down boxes above, and 'Add to Your Cart' for a seamless online ordering experience.

  • Great for Exterior applications
  • Won't deteriorate or rot
  • Ability to cut in a variety of shapes
  • Load-Bearing capabilities
  • Great for replacement capitals
  • Available in the Classical Orders
  • Adds historic value to your project
  • Cast Resin capitals are paint-grade
  • For residential & commercial projects
  • Made in the United States  made in the united states icon
  • We ship worldwide  Brockwell Incorporated ships worldwide!




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