Ionic Order (Attic) Base Molding / Plinth - [NON-VENTED] - Sits Under a Round, Wood Load-Bearing Column Shaft - [Fiberglass Composite Material]

   ITEM #:      BP-06-ARCH-ATC-PMC-A-9

  • Interior replacement load-bearing Ionic Order (Attic) base molding and plinth
  • Interior replacement load-bearing Ionic Order (Attic) base molding and plinth
  • Paint-grade interior weight bearing Attic column base from Brockwell Incorporated
  • Interior load-bearing primed & painted Attic Base Molding & Plinth
  • - Brockwell Incorporated's Finished Structural Interior Attic Base Design for Purchase
  • Brockwell Incorporated's Structural Interior Attic column base for wood columns
  • Round interior load-bearing Attic Base molding & plinth for wood columns
  • Durable fiberglass composite load-bearing interior Attic base for wood columns
  • Fiberglass composite Ionic Order (Attic) base moldings & plinth for interior wood columns
  • Structural fiberglass composite Attic base that sits underneath interior wood columns
  • Architectural fiberglass load-bearing Attic base for interior wood column shafts
  • Brockwell Incorporated's interior fiberglass structural Attic base design for wood columns
  • Structural fiberglass non-vented Attic replacement base at

Ionic Order (Attic) Base Molding / Plinth - [NON-VENTED] - Sits Under a Round, Wood Load-Bearing Column Shaft - [Fiberglass Composite Material]

   ITEM #:      BP-06-ARCH-ATC-PMC-A-9


DESIGNED for use with a load-bearing interior wood column.
PHOTOS show examples of our bases that are both finished & unfinished.
THIS product is "Made to Order."  Returns & Refunds cannot be accepted.
MAY have up to 1/8'' dimensional variance.
LEAD TIME:  Contact a Brockwell Sales Associate for up-to-date lead times.
See the product drawing with dimensions as a .pdf Read Brockwell Incorporated's Installation Instructions & Tips Read Brockwell Incorporated's Product Warranty Information


NON-vented  /  for INTerior use  /  fluted OR plain SHAFTS  /
base sits underneath column shaft & does add height
/   load-bearing   /

Load-Bearing Non-Vented Attic Base Dimensional Drawing - Brockwell Incorporated -


   A       B       C       D   
6" 6'' 8-7/16" 2-7/16" 1-1/2"
8" 8'' 10-15/16" 3" 1-7/8"
10" 10'' 13-1/2" 3-3/4" 2-3/8"
12" 12'' 16-1/8" 4-1/2" 2-3/4"
14" 14'' 19" 5-5/16" 3-5/16"
16" 16'' 21" 6" 3-7/8"
18" 18'' 24" 6-11/16" 4-3/16"
20" 20'' 26-1/2" 8-1/8" 4-3/4"
22" 22'' 30-3/8" 8-7/8" 5-1/4"
24" 24'' 32" 9-5/8" 5-5/8"
28" 28'' 38" 11-3/8" 6-3/4"
36" 36'' 48" 13-1/2" 7"


 COL. SIZE = bottom diameter of column shaft

    * ACT. DIAM = overall diameter of load-bearing surface

    * Dimensions may have up to 1/8" + / - variance

  |  This base is cast with a fiberglass composite material, which includes a mixture of polyester resin and fiberglass that is reinforced with a polymer composite material.  It is heavier and more durable than polyurethane, and is perfect for replacement applications.  Brockwell fiberglass composite bases are designed to perform well in any climate type. 

PAINT-GRADE.  This column base design has a plinth that is NON-VENTED, and is intended for INTERIOR use with a structural wood column.

SELECTING YOUR BASE STYLE |  Brockwell adheres to and recommends utilizing the appropriate base style according to the Classical Orders of Architecture.  An easy way to determine which base is classically correct for your project, simply follow this format:

I F  Y O U  H A V E  A:
Tuscan capital = a Tuscan base
Roman Doric capital = either a Doric base or an Ionic ("Attic") base
Decorative capital = an Ionic ("Attic") base 
Greek Doric columns = No Base

This base is meant to be installed underneath an existing wood column shaft and is Weight-Bearing.  It sits under the column shaft as a structural component, and it will add to the overall height of your column.

   NOTE:     Our product photos show both the finished (primed & painted) look of our base molding & plinth and the unfinished look of our base molding & plinth.  These are actual product photos.

Simply select the Base Size from the drop down box above, and 'Add to Your Cart' for a seamless online ordering experience.

  • Great for Interior applications
  • Primes & Paints well
  • Heavier, durable material
  • Load-Bearing / Structural
  • Great for replacement bases
  • Available in many sizes
  • Available in the Classical Orders
  • Designed for wood columns
  • Adds historic value to your project
  • These bases are paint-grade
  • For residential & commercial projects
  • We ship directly to you
  • Has a Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the United States  made in the united states icon



Includes Info About:

  • Freight Information
  • Residential Delivery
  • Commercial Delivery
  • Product Arrival
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  • Concealed Damage
  • C.O.D.
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$3,575.01 - $4,000.00 $375
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$5,000.01 & Above $550

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OUR COMPANY RECOGNIZES, in today’s architecture, that the realization of one’s classical vision may be delivered in more ways than once thought possible.  Products engineered with the latest technologies & materials, computer generated models, and 3D printing are breathing a new life into customary designs.  We strive to hold to the old while embracing the new.  As such, Brockwell is capable of providing you with custom products that match your specifications in numerous material options. 

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