12-1/2"(H) x 9-1/2"(Proj.) - Repeat: 3-1/2" - Georgian Crown Molding Design - [Plaster Material]

ITEM #:  MLD-02152-PL-2


12-1/2" 9-1/2" 3-1/2" PDF


    Installation Instructions


Decorative moldings play an integral part in visually discerning separate architectural elements within a particular space.  They also help define perspective, and provide aesthetic allure. 

Brockwell plaster moldings showcase crisp, historic detail that surpasses other materials in quality. They will add value to your project.

With over 150 unique, historic & proprietary plaster molding designs (many 100+ years old), we're confident that you'll find one of ours to be the key to achieving architectural sophistication within your project.  In plaster, Brockwell offers decorative crown moldings, panel moldings, and frieze moldings.

We first partially fill our molds with high-quality plaster, leaving a little room for water, as well as, our natural hemp fibers.  Our hemp fibers consist of shredded ship rope, which intrinsically bind the plaster form together, and an additional layer of plaster coats the hemp fibers - essentially encapsulating the binding agents.  The result is a strong, durable, lighter-weight, and crisply-detailed molding pattern that will emphasize your recognition and appreciation for high level design.

Brockwell's method of fiber-reinforcing our plaster allows for the necessary strength to drill or cut in to each molding - without compromising its superior detailing.  Plus, it reduces the amount of utilized plaster, which creates a lighter, easier-to-install molding.

We recommend utilizing our paint-grade plaster moldings for Interior Projects.

  • Typical cast length is 5' - 7'
  • Historically accurate molding designs
  • Superior level of detail and crispness
  • Adds timeless architectural value to your project
  • Reinforced with Natural Hemp Fibers for strength & durability
  • Install w/ standard carpentry tools & techniques
  • Plaster can be cut, drilled in to, and glued
  • Plaster moldings are paint-grade
  • Great for both residential & commercial projects
  • Non-flammable & non-toxic plaster material
  • Eco-friendly - made with 100% natural materials  Made with 100% Natural Materials - Brockwell Incorporated
  • Made in the United States  
  • We ship worldwide  Brockwell Incorporated ships worldwide!  columnsdirect.com

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