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Shipping Methods


We utilize common Ground Carriers, such as:  FedEx Ground & UPS Ground for our Standard Shipping method.  Boxes / orders that exceed either the actual weight limit or the dimensional weight limit for standard ground shipment (Oversized Shipping), will be shipped Less Than a Truck Load (LTL) via a 3rd party carrier.


Products that need to be palletized or crated will ship LTL.

Online Orders
After placing your order online, we will notify you via phone or e-mail if your order requires LTL shipping -- as well as -- if there are any additional shipment charges.  Customer is responsible for all Shipping costs, including the cost for crating any products.

Quoted Orders
When you receive a formal quote from Brockwell Incorporated, you will always notice a Shipping line item, which will include the cost for shipping your products.   Any shipment or delivery/lead times provided by Brockwell are estimates only.  We do not guarantee delivery by a specific date.  All orders are F.O.B. our production facility.  Damage incurred during shipment should be submitted to the freight line, and we are not responsible for damage incurred during shipment or delivery.  You are responsible for confirming insurance with the freight line against damage incurred during shipment or delivery.  Unless you instruct us to use a specific freight line at the time you place your order, we will utilize a freight line acceptable to us.  You may contact us for the name of the freight line that will be utilized to ship your product.


Please contact a Brockwell Sales Associate about possible expedited shipping options.  Keep in mind that this method only refers to "Time in Transit" and not "Production / Handling Time."  Many of our products are not "Stock," as we make them upon your order placement.


Yes, we are able to ship via your FedEx account.  Please get in touch with a Brockwell Sales Associate to discuss this option.

Shipping Costs

For online orders, the shipping rate is calculated based on either the actual weight or the dimensional weight of the products (whichever is more dominant) -- and your location.  Your order will ship via Standard Ground Shipping if it is:

  • Less than 150 lbs
  • Less than 108" in length
  • Up to 165" in combined length & girth

You will be able to see your shipping cost during your online checkout.  If your order requires LTL shipping, we will notify you of any additional shipping charges.

Quoted Orders
When you receive a formal quote from a Brockwell associate, you will see a specific line item with the shipping cost.  For larger products or quantities, shipment via a 3rd party common carrier is required.  We always search for the lowest cost to you from our reputable freight carriers.


Many times, to ensure the least likelihood for damage of your products while in transit, we must crate your products.  We have a $100 fee for crating / palletizing.


Shipping & Delivery Guidelines


Download our  SHIPPING POLICY 



  • You are responsible for unloading all products.  This includes having the appropriate off-loading manpower or machinery.  Depending on the size of your order, you may need a fork lift, crane, or other machinery to off-load your products.

  • If you are unable to accept the delivery, you remain liable for any storage fees, re-shipment fees, or any other fees incurred in correlation with your order.  You will be charged directly from the freight company.

Upon delivery, please inspect the goods – thoroughly – to make sure there is no damage to your products before signing the bill of lading.  If you do notice damage, please note it on the bill of lading and contact a Brockwell Incorporated associate immediately at 980-282-8383.  Any and all concealed damage must be noted on the bill of lading and then reported to Brockwell within 48 hours of delivery.


Typical receiving schedules refer to 8:00am – 5:00pm, or “Normal Business Hours," local time.  These delivery hours may vary depending on a variety of factors, such as Freight Company, Location, & Community.  If you refuse your freight during these hours, an additional charge from the freight carrier may be incurred.


When your products do ship on a common truck, please follow these guidelines, below.

While the Driver is Present:

  1. Review the driver’s delivery receipt and/or Bill of Lading (BOL)
    a).  Are the products yours?
    b).  Is all the pertinent documentation present? (i.e. Job Name, P.O. #’s, delivery terms, correct number of products, etc.)

  2. Inspect/Count Your Freight
    Make sure that all your packages are present with the exact number of products you ordered.  You should immediately dry-fit all component products.



  3. Check for Any Damage

    It is paramount that you review each package to make sure there was no damage during transit, as well as that the package(s) you receive contain the correct products.  Please open and inspect the package(s) thoroughly – before signing the BOL – to ensure that there has been no damage to your product(s).  All damages or incorrect products must be noted on the BOL in the driver’s presence


  4. Signing the BOL/Receipt.

    When you sign the BOL, not noting any damage or receipt of incorrect products, this means that you are agreeing that you have, in fact, received the correct product(s) in perfect condition – you have accepted the merchandise, and Brockwell cannot file a claim against the carrier.


  If you have received products that do not fit each other, please contact a Brockwell sales associate before beginning the installation process.  Brockwell Incorporated will not be responsible for any losses related to jobsite necessities.  Review the driver’s delivery receipt and/or Bill of Lading (BOL).


For products that are shipped via Standard Ground from a 3rd party shipper, such as FedEx or UPS, the customer is responsible for ensuring that all packages/boxes are accounted for upon delivery.  In some instances, a delivery signature is not required, and the boxes may be left at an entrance point of your home or building.  Upon receipt of tracking information, it is the customer’s responsibility to follow and plan accordingly for accepting the shipment.

Brockwell Incorporated will not be held liable for any interruption arising from situations beyond our control.  These may include, but are not limited to:  incorrect shipping information provided by the customer, the inability to obtain a consignee signature, theft, damage, missing packages, and any situation that we deem to be out of our control.



Depending on the products that you purchased, your order may ship in multiple shipments – whether via Standard Ground or 3rd party LTL.  Upon delivery, it is imperative that you examine the boxes, packages, crating, etc. to ensure that you have received everything correctly.  If you are unsure as to whether your order will have multiple shipments, please get in touch with a Brockwell associate, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

It is the customer's responsibility to properly schedule and prepare for acceptance of packages by following the tracking information, whether a signature is required or whether no signature is required.  Brockwell Incorporated will not be held liable for the inability to locate missing packages if the shipper has confirmed that they have successfully delivered them to the correct address.



If you do not receive the same number of boxes that are noted on the freight bill, please note the number of missing boxes on the freight bill.  Please then contact a Brockwell consultant so that we can quickly send out the missing items to you.  You must note that there are missing boxes on the freight bill, or the freight company will not be held liable for any replacement costs.

Brockwell Incorporated is not liable for any lost freight / boxes during shipment.

For missing packages / boxes that are shipped via Standard Ground and are confirmed as delivered and left at an entry point to the correct address, the customer must notify Brockwell Incorporated within (7) days of the delivery date, and the customer should initiate contact with the third party carrier by this time frame.


Lead Times


This is the amount of time it takes us to prepare your order for shipment, which includes production time.  Order processing, which refers to submitting your order to our production team, typically takes (1) business day from when you place your order -- and sometimes sooner -- dependent upon the time of day you place your order.


Our lead times refer to the production / handling time -- the current time it takes to produce & package your products.  Brockwell Incorporated makes every effort to ship your order in the estimated lead time provided, and in many instances, we produce your products ahead of schedule.  Our aim is to accommodate to your project's timeline, within reason.  Please check each product page for specific lead times.  It also never hurts to give us a ring to inquire about the most up-to-date lead times.  In the event that your estimated lead time is not met due to damage or manufacturing times, Brockwell is not liable for any damage or loss of revenue or profits in conjunction with the order.


Depending on where your project is located, transit times can add an additional 2 - 4 days (in the United States).

* As soon as your products ship, we will e-mail you tracking information.

Need to Know


The freight company will notify you about delivery upon request.  This is typically a $25 fee.  Once your order has shipped, we will notify you with the tracking information as well as the carrier's contact information.


Once your order has shipped, the freight carrier should contact you via phone about arranging/scheduling your delivery.  Occasionally, separate shipments are necessary when ordering multiple types of our product lines.



  • The freight line charges a C.O.D. collection fee of 4-6% of the total balance due with a minimum fee of $35.00.
  • Please immediately remit your balance to 4728 Scarborough Place, Stone Mountain, GA 30087 in order to retain your significant freight discount and to avoid the C.O.D. fee
  • Should you choose to ship your order C.O.D., a certified check is required for all C.O.D. balances.
  • On any stock order large enough for Brockwell to pay the freight, C.O.D’s are not allowed.

If Brockwell has not received the balance of your order within a reasonable time of when your order is ready to ship, we reserve the right to ship your products C.O.D.  In this case, you will lose any freight discounts that were initially applied.  At the time of delivery, a certified check for the balance is required.  


Please Note:  Columns, balustrades (balusters), and railings should not be stored in a vertical position.  We do not recommend storing any of our products outside.  When storing products inside, they should not be stored for long periods of time.  Instead, please reach out to one of our associates so we can adjust your shipping time frame.

International Shipping

Yes, we do ship internationally.  Product prices are initially shown in U.S. dollars.  Select your country's currency from the drop down box in the upper right corner of our site (Desktop View) or from the drop down box at the top within the hamburger menu (Mobile View).  Please inquire about up-to-date shipping costs to your country.  Also, if you prefer to use your FedEx account number, please inform a Brockwell Associate.  The customer is responsible for any additional shipping costs that are associated with each order.

Cancellations / Returns



Any changes to your order must be made prior to returning the initial invoice or placing your order from an electronic invoice.  Any order changes must be submitted in writing for approval.  We encourage you to carefully review the products you select and your invoice for details about your order.  After you return the invoice (either a signed invoice or electronic invoice) or submit your order online, orders cannot be changed or canceled without a charge.    This includes placing an order directly online.  Once we have started production or ordered materials for your order, the cancellation charge may vary -- and in some cases -- we may not be able to cancel your order without full payment.  The customer is responsible for any fees associated with credit card payment refunds.   After an order has shipped, it cannot be canceled.

We will be sure to notify you if - for some reason - we must cancel or change your order.  Brockwell Incorporated does not charge you a fee if we are the party to initiate the cancellation of your order.  Brockwell Incorporated reserves the right to cancel any order at any time without liability to you other than refund of the the prepaid amounts.


Brockwell Incorporated reserves the right to make changes to any of our standard products, at our discretion, with or without notice, including (but not limited to) dimensions and prices.  This applies to products online, in our product literature, sales materials, etc.

Dimensions and prices in our product literature and catalogs are estimates only and are not guaranteed or firm.  Brockwell Incorporated agrees to abide by any firm price or dimensions stated in your confirmed invoice.



Most of our products are considered to be “Made to Order,” signifying a custom product.  These products are non-returnable and non-refundable.  Upon delivery of your product(s), please inspect them thoroughly for any damage. 

In the case of damage, visible or concealed, please note this on the freight paperwork before signing it.  If the product is damaged, please write on the paperwork, “Damaged – Return to Sender” and notify us within 48 hours (business days) of discovery. 

We reserve the right to void any fees if there is failure to contact us within the above time frame.  We reserve the right to not accept returns after (21) days of receipt of your products.  Please do not return any products until we pre-approve the return, unless you are refusing damaged shipment.  We reserve the right to decline your return for any viable reason.  You are responsible for all return freight / shipping charges.


For any of our products that are Stock and are returnable, we charge a 25% re-stocking fee for any reasons other than damage or product defect. 

Please do not automatically return your products.  We will first issue you a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number that you will need to include on your return.  Please clearly write the RGA number on the outside of the boxes you are returning. 

All products must be returned in their original packaging and received in good/re-salable condition.  You are responsible for all return freight / shipping charges.  Once our production has deemed your returned products to be in re-salable condition, we will issue you a refund.  Custom or altered products are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Freight Claims / Damages

You are responsible for filing a freight/shipping claim with the carrier directly.

  • If the Bill of Lading is signed with no noted damage or missing items and you later file a claim, you will receive the following letter from the freight carrier:

"We have completed our investigation of your claim.  Unfortunately, we must respectfully decline payment of your claim.

Our records indicate your shipment was delivered to the consignee without any notations of loss or damage on the delivery receipt.  It is the obligation of the consignee to count and examine the condition of the shipper’s containers at the time of delivery.  When the carrier is given a clear delivery receipt without any notation of loss or damage, it is the responsibility of the claimant to provide evidence that the loss or damage occurred during transit.  After examining the evidence presented, we were unable to establish any liability on our part.

We regret any inconvenience this incident may have caused.  Please contact us if we may be of further assistance."


For visible damage, refuse the portion of the shipment that is damaged and write this on the bill of lading:

"Damaged goods in shipment - Return to Sender."

Note the number of damaged boxes or products, then please notify a Brockwell associate.

Brockwell Incorporated is not liable for any damaged freight during shipment.  Once the bill of lading is signed that there is no damage, this means that you have accepted the merchandise as it should be, and Brockwell will not be able to file a claim against the freight carrier.


In the event of concealed damage, the customer is responsible.  Please immediately contact the freight carrier and ask them to send out an Inspector to inspect the damage.  You may file a claim to either replace or repair the damaged product(s).  The freight line will inform you of the necessary procedure for filing a claim.


If you do not receive the same number of boxes that are noted on the freight bill, please note the number of missing boxes on the freight bill.  Please then contact a Brockwell associate so that we can quickly send out the missing items to you.  You must note that there are missing boxes on the freight bill, or the freight company will not be held liable for any replacement costs.

Brockwell Incorporated is not liable for any lost freight during shipment.


You will have (15) days to file a claim, and the sooner you file a claim - the smoother the process will be.