3/4"(H) x 1/8"(Relief) - Greek Key Stain-Grade Interior Linear Molding Design - [Compo Material]

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Typical cast lengths are 12 inches

3/4" 1/8" n/a


Brockwell Incorporated's Greek Key decorative moldings add a touch of historical beauty, as seen in ancient architecture. In modern times, the Greek Key motif is one of the most recognized ancient patterns. Dating back to even before the Greeks, this symbol was seen on pottery, tombs, mosaics, and many other places from ancient Egypt. It symbolizes the concept of infinity - and essentially, the pattern consists of continuous, straight lines with 90 degree angles. We specialize in providing these exclusive molding patterns for commercial, religious, federal, institutional, government, residential, and film & television projects.  If your project calls for a high level of detail, then Brockwell's decorative compo moldings are your solution.  Select from our thousands of designs and sizes - all of which will provide the superb decorative features you are looking for.  Our compo moldings give your project architectural prestige and relevance..

Our proprietary composite resin material is mixed with hide glue that will activate upon steaming and will adhere to unfinished wood almost instantaneously.  For large projects, please inquire about our options for making longer lengths.

Brockwell also has beautiful Egg & Dart designs, Acanthus designs, Greek Keys, Scroll patterns, Fluted designs, Beaded, Rope, and many more linear molding styles to select from.

We recommend utilizing our Compo moldings only for Interior Projects.  For projects outside, please get in touch with a Brockwell associate to discuss the availability of our exterior resin material.

  • Historical, classically-inspired molding designs
  • Cast replicas of carvings over 100 + years old
  • Superior level of detail and crispness
  • Mimics the detail from ancient Greece & ancient Rome
  • Adds timeless architectural value to your project
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for applying to wood surfaces
  • Can be applied to straight & curved / radial surfaces
  • Looks amazing on fireplace mantels, stairways,
    window & door surrounds, kitchen cabinetry,
    framing, tables, walls & essentially any wood furniture
  • Will adhere to glass surfaces as well 
  • Compo is both stain-grade & paint-grade
  • Great for both residential & commercial projects
  • Eco-friendly - made with 100% natural materials  Made with 100% Natural Materials - Brockwell Incorporated
  • Made in the United States  
  • We ship worldwide  Brockwell Incorporated ships worldwide!  columnsdirect.com




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