36" Square (Width) x 1-1/2"(Relief) - Old English Style Hammered w/ Ornament Panel - [Plaster Material]

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INFO:  Please carefully calculate the square footage of your ceiling.

* LEAD TIME:  4 - 6 weeks is standard.  Please inquire about up-to-date lead times.

  Each panel can weigh from 35 - 55 lbs +/-
36" x 36" 1-1/2" PDF PDF

  * Price reflects per panel.


    Terminating Old English Panels Against Walls Using Block & Crown


The feeling you get when you see a magnificent ceiling is what our company aims to help you achieve with our beautiful plaster ceiling panels and traceries.  For centuries, ornate ceilings have showcased a sense of opulence & sophistication.  Whether you select from our Renaissance Italian Coffered Panel designs or from our variety of Old English Panel options, rest assured that your project will generate extended admiration.

Not only will your ceiling become an immediate focal point, it will also reflect architectural precision & elegance - both of which add value to your space.

We first partially fill our molds with high-quality plaster, leaving a little room for water, as well as, our natural hemp fibers.  Our hemp fibers consist of shredded ship rope, which intrinsically bind the plaster form together, and an additional layer of plaster coats the hemp fibers - essentially encapsulating the binding agents.  The result is a strong, durable, lighter-weight, and crisp panel design - which mimics the classical ceiling styles that were prevalent throughout 15th-century European architecture, onward.

Brockwell's method of fiber-reinforcing our plaster allows for the necessary strength to drill or cut in to each panel - without compromising their high level of detail.  Plus, it reduces the amount of utilized plaster, which produces a lighter, easier-to-install panel.

We solely recommend utilizing our paint-grade plaster ceiling panels for Interior Projects.

  • Complete ceiling coverage w/ full panels
  • Traditional panel designs (Italian Coffered & Old English)
  • Adds timeless architectural value to your project
  • Reinforced with Natural Hemp Fibers for strength & durability
  • Install w/ standard carpentry tools & techniques
  • Plaster can be cut, drilled in to, and glued
  • Plaster ceiling components are paint-grade
  • Great for both residential & commercial projects
  • Non-flammable & non-toxic plaster material
  • Eco-friendly - made with 100% natural materials  Made with 100% Natural Materials - Brockwell Incorporated
  • Made in the United States  
  • We ship worldwide  Brockwell Incorporated ships worldwide!  columnsdirect.com




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